Bible Study

We gather every Tuesday at 7:30 pm for our midweek Bible study. This is where we continue our growth process by studying to show ourselves approved to God.

Small Groups

We want to gather with one another during the week so that we can continue with the process of iron sharpening iron. Helping each other to grow to our fullest potential in Christ. So, we gather at one another’s homes for fellowship and the breaking of bread as we live in community with one another. Contact an elder if you are interested in attending a group session.

Women’s Fellowship

The ‘Women of the Word’, WOW is a group of the women that gather monthly to delve deeper into the word through studying the bible and prayer. It provides an intimate setting where women can grow, support and encourage each other through God’s word. Contact a deaconess if you are interested in participating.


Our seniors grow as they gather at Oakland on Tuesdays at 11 am for our Senior Bible Study where we feed their appetites with God’s word and provide nourishment for the physical body. Contact an elder if you need more information.

It is imperative that we gather to ignite the passion for Jesus Christ in our children during their growing process. We attempt to identify and develop their spiritual gifts and respond to their spiritual needs by having age appropriate teaching for the youth/children during the worship experience on Sunday.


The mission of the Nursery is to create a safe and nurturing environment for infants, toddlers, and children ages six months to Pre-Kindergarten to gather, learn and grow spiritually. The nursery supports members and visitors by providing this service while the parents attend worship service.